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    mwdd: mw phpunit & composer, use "correct" working dir · 96454bf4
    Addshore authored and Addshore's avatar Addshore committed
    This means that when these commands are used on the host
    system in a directory such as "skins/Vector", then working
    dir used with docker will reflect this.
    This allows composer commands to be used on sub repos, like
    skins and extensions, as well as for phpunit tests to easily
    be run when in other directories with auto completion of paths
    that just works.
    This does NOT allow users to use these commands when outside of
    the expected MediaWiki directory.
    This is out of scope for this patch (but might be something to
    consider in the future)
    Bug: T282350
    Change-Id: Id5fb148116bb3346f42867af2140933619f9bf2f