1. 04 Oct, 2021 1 commit
  2. 17 Aug, 2021 1 commit
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      Format files consistently · 7f754c1d
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      My IDE wants to do this on save now...
      Change-Id: I6153b0939095cb7d2cd81cab634e7243de01fa49
  3. 02 Jul, 2021 1 commit
  4. 12 May, 2021 4 commits
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      mwdd: Add Redis service with cli shortcut · 9885cc81
      Addshore authored and Addshore's avatar Addshore committed
      Change-Id: I11fd4754eb4cf5b73bfa2e62e7358f7ca7f39532
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      mwdd: Implement mediawiki & mysql suspend & resume commands · 5aa3c5f9
      Addshore authored and Addshore's avatar Addshore committed
      Bug: T253313
      Change-Id: I70d7fc4552d9de9b2386335c880644d0ab274af0
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      mwdd: Implement nice destroy commands for individual services · 77f36074
      Addshore authored and Addshore's avatar Addshore committed
      These commands now destroy the containers and volumes of the
      specific service being interacted with.
      Prior to this the mediawiki destroy command would just run
      down on the whole docker-compose setup (as it was the only service).
      But now we need to be a little more selective.
      docker-compose doesn't provide commands to do all of this out of
      the box, which is why a docker command is needed to destroy specific
      named volumes for the services.
      Bug: T253313
      Change-Id: I8a861978894dd0fe10ffbcadc73314d64138ddd3
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      mwdd: Enable installing with mariadb · 38e0b4a1
      Addshore authored and Addshore's avatar Addshore committed
      This adds the logic for the mysql service that for now
      just uses a mariadb image from docker hub.
      Eventually a followup will come to allow custom images to be used here.
      Verified in github actions on addshore fork
      You can see the steps needed to test this out in the test there.
      Assuming you have mediawiki, composer installed with the correct settings
      file, then:
      - mwcli mwdd create
      - mwcli mwdd mysql create
      - mwcli mwdd mediawiki install somesite mysql
      Really should figure out how to best maintain the docs for this soon.
      Vuepress perhaps?
      Bug: T253313
      Change-Id: I04b56065757e0fad21d85cd76b6624e7ea86ebde
  5. 19 Mar, 2021 1 commit
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      mwdd: Introduce framework and empty commands · 438b2ba3
      Addshore authored
      Written as a separate commit so that the diff is easier
      to look at.
      This introduces the basic set of files and commands that
      will be used, without any real logic.
      That will follow in future commits.
      Change-Id: I11f80c9c11c4d9f7045838be9a406f7e5acd3ffe