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# MediaWiki CLI
This project contains a command-line interface for interacting with MediaWiki
development environments.
This project contains a command-line interface primarily for interacting with a MediaWiki development environemtn modeled after [mediawiki-docker-dev](
Take a look at the user facing docs
## Support
- Code Repository: [releng/cli on](
- Documentation: [Cli page on](
- Phabricator: [#mwcli on](
- IRC: `#mediawiki` on [Libera.​Chat](
## Contributing
### Repo / Code setup
Clone this repository to your `$GOPATH` (probably `~/go`), so it would be at
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- Complex sub commands can be split out into their own file.
- This is a recursive solution.
## Support
## Releasing
- Documentation: [Cli page on](
- Phabricator: [#mwcli](
- IRC: `#mediawiki`
Releases are automaticaly built and published by Gitlab CI after pushing a tag.
Tags should follow [semver]( and release notes should be written prior to tagging.
### Process
1) Add release notes for the release into
- You can use a compare link such as [this]( to see what has changed and what needs release notes.
- Notes should be under a fresh new header of the format `## v0.2.1` so that the release process can extract the notes correctly.
2) Tag & push the commit
3) [Watch the pipeline run]( that is building, uploading and publishing the release.
4) Check that the release appear [on the releases page](
5) You should now be able to run `mw update` to grab the latest release.
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