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......@@ -7,6 +7,16 @@ This project contains a command-line interface for interacting with MediaWiki de
In this initial version there is support for interacting with MediaWiki core's docker-compose development environment,
with subcommands provided under the `docker` namespace: `mw help docker`.
## Contributing
Clone this repository to your `$GOPATH` (probably `~/go`), so it would be at `~/go/src/cli`.
In the `cli` directory run `go get` to download go package dependencies.
`libgit2` is a system dependency that can be installed on macOS with `brew install libgit2` and on Debian with `apt install libgit2-dev`.
Execute the script with `go run ~/go/src/cli/main.go`
## Support
* Phabricator: [#MediaWiki-Docker](
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