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README, use go mod command for deps

This solves the issues of packages apparently not being findable
when running the .go files directly from directories outside the
project directory.

This is probably the right way of doing things :)

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......@@ -14,13 +14,18 @@ docker-compose development environment, with subcommands provided under the
Clone this repository to your `$GOPATH` (probably `~/go`), so it would be at
In the `~/go/src/` directory run `go get` to download go package dependencies.
Within the `~/go/src/` directory:
Execute the script with `go run ~/go/src/`
- run `go mod download` to download the required modules
- run `go mod vendor` to copy the required modules into a vendor directory for the project
In order to run the script within the MediaWiki directory you'll need to install it `make install`
Execute the script from any directory with `go run ~/go/src/`
And then run the build binary `~/go/src/`
### Using a binary
Make a binary by running `make install`
Execute the binary from any directory with `~/go/src/`
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