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    mwdd: Wizard to guide you through env setup · 7243f0ed
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    This includes:
     - Prompting the user to pick a PORT for the mwdd env
     - Prompting the user to pick a MW directory if not set
     - Clone of MediaWiki and optionally Vector
     - Ability to do a shallow clone for speed
     - Ability to clone from Github and switch to Gerrit
    This also leaves some TODOs around the place:
     - Allow the user to choose if the remotes end up on https or ssh
     - Allow cloning async for more speed
     - Allow the user to get more skins or extensions?
     - Auto detection of MW directory
     - Check if git is even installed
    And leaves 1 clear next step to make initial setup quite
    slick, this being do an initial composer install if
    MW determines that it needs it (will be done in a followup)
    Change-Id: Id58e45c26fed77a06226b081f6248d5f27a234b6