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    Refactor internal mediawiki code to a type · 1c189970
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    This is further prep in the direction of
    that is useful in any case.
    The internal/mediawiki package now exposes a MediaWiki type
    which has the various methods attached for interacting
    with a MediaWiki directory.
    The internal/docker package contains functionality of the mediawiki-docker
    dev environment.
    This means there is now a clear split between the CLI / user / presentation
    layer, which exists in the cmd package.
    The buisness layer that lives in other packages.
    internal/mediawiki: things generically performed to mediawiki on disk
    internal/docker: things specifica to the mediawiki-docker command / environment
    Change-Id: I487866628a87d11eeb4d467d5c718a706f7c6e23