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Eric Gardner requested to merge minor-cleanup into main
  • Moves the <ais-instant-search> wrapper component to go outside of the <router-view>, so that AIS search tools are available inside all other components
  • Reorganizes views into ListView and DetailView; ideally only View components should care about $router info
  • Moves Task as a sub-comment of DetailView; it receives props and is not coupled with the route
  • Modifies the main search page (ListView) in a couple of ways:
    • Organizes <ais-refinement-list> components into <ais-panel> components and provides some custom templates and class names to them
    • Adds an <ais-current-refinements> component below the main search bar
    • Overrides the default slot for <ais-state-results> to only display results after the user has entered a query
  • Declares prop types for Task and TaskComment components
  • Cleans up router pre-fetch code for DetailView; beforeRouteUpdate has been removed for now, and conditional error display has been added
  • Adds a "back to results" link at the top of DetailsView.
Edited by Eric Gardner

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