Commit 18280568 authored by Jgiannelos's avatar Jgiannelos
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Add tests for CLI util

parent b6bc4a64
from argparse import Namespace
from unittest import TestCase, mock
from tileset.cli import main
class CliTest(TestCase):
return_value=Namespace(tilelist_path="/path/to/tilelist", minzoom=0, maxzoom=1),
def test_main(self, mock_parse_args):
test_input = ["0/0/0", "1/0/0"]
test_input_file = "\n".join(test_input)
mock_open = mock.mock_open(read_data=test_input_file)
with mock.patch("", mock_open):
with mock.patch("builtins.print") as mock_print:
call_list = ["1/0/1"),"1/1/0"),"0/0/0"),"1/0/0"),"1/1/1"),
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