Commit 9043c86d authored by Inductiveload's avatar Inductiveload
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Pages in an index are now tracked with templatelinks, not pagelinks

This is following PRP commit 8d9e1bd9911f857654c8fd612873d21c58253b9c
which changed how those links are constructed.
parent e5e8c448
......@@ -30,12 +30,12 @@ def sql_all_revs_for_index_pages_since(conn, index_id, since):
cursor = conn.cursor(dictionary=True)
sql = """
SELECT p.page_title, p.page_id, r.rev_id, r.rev_timestamp, pl.pl_from as index_id
SELECT p.page_title, p.page_id, r.rev_id, r.rev_timestamp, tl.tl_from as index_id
FROM page AS p
INNER JOIN revision as r on r.rev_page = p.page_id
RIGHT JOIN pagelinks as pl on p.page_title = pl.pl_title
RIGHT JOIN templatelinks as tl on p.page_title = tl.tl_title
WHERE p.page_namespace=%s
AND pl.pl_from=%s
AND tl.tl_from=%s
AND r.rev_timestamp > %s
ORDER BY p.page_id
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