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Commit 86bf3428 authored by Gmodena's avatar Gmodena
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Set Dockerfile path to toplevel Makefile.

Fixes relative import issues when running code checks
in docker containers.
parent 03586e77
......@@ -17,7 +17,9 @@ ima_home := image-matching
ima_venv_archive := venv.tar.gz
ifneq ($(SKIP_DOCKER),true)
test_dags: docker-conda
lint-all: docker-conda
test-all: docker-conda
test-dags: docker-conda
# Runs some command to setup DAGs, venvs and project code on an airflow worker.
......@@ -34,9 +36,13 @@ ima-venv:
cd ${ima_home}; make lint
test_dags: ${pip_requirements_test}
test-dags: ${pip_requirements_test}
${DOCKER_CMD} bash -c "tox -e dags"
echo "WARNING: deprecated. Use make test-dags instead"
make test-dags
cd ${ima_home}; make test
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ CONDA_CMD := conda config --set pip_interop_enabled True; \
conda activate ${venv}
DOCKER_IMG := platform/miniconda3
DOCKERFILE := ../Dockerfile.python
DOCKERFILE := Dockerfile.python
ifneq ($(SKIP_DOCKER),true)
CURRENT_DIR := $(shell pwd)
SHELL := /bin/bash
include ../Makefile.python
ifneq ($(SKIP_DOCKER),true)
DOCKERFILE := ../Dockerfile.python
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