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......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ It assumes that there is at least one log entry associated with each IP address
It will output another .csv file with two rows for each IP address. One row lists the "expected" result, one the "actual" result.
1. Setup pywikibot using the instructions here
2. Download and copy into the `scripts/` directory in pywikibot
2. Download and copy into the `scripts/` directory in pywikibot
3. Run: `python3 ipinfo_api_response -i <input csv> -o <output csv> -n -lang:<lang> -family:<wiki>`
- Where `<input csv>` is the .csv file generated by `erd_enterprise.php`
- `<lang>` and `<wiki>` will depend on which environment you are testing IPInfo on
......@@ -65,7 +65,8 @@ If you use docker, you might instead want to add:
$wgUsePrivateIPs = true;
Then run: `python3 -u $url -i $ip [-t $title]`
- `$url` is the URL of the wiki you want to test, including '/w/api.php'
- `$ip` is the IP you want to simulate an edit from
- `$title` is the page you want to edit (this is optional, if you don't pass this parameter it will edit the Main_Page)
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