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# dse-hackathon-nsynth-intro
A simple python script to get started with generating raw audio using the [NSynth](https://github.com/magenta/magenta/tree/main/magenta/models/nsynth) Autoencoder model.
## Quickstart
First install Magenta:
pip install magenta
Next, download the Wavenet model checkpoints:
Move the model checkpoint file into the directory of your project and decompress the archive using tar:
tar -xvf wavenet-ckpt.tar
You should now have a new `wavenet-ckpt/` directory with model.ckpt-200000 metadata etc inside.
Here is the wav file I used in the video:
(feel free to use any other wav file -- smaller files seem to work best.)
## TODOs:
* Write interpolation code or code to manipulate/mashup two or more encodings
* Write code to get the audio sample_length & sr (sample rate)
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